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Actual Window Manager Screen Shots

Screen Shot 1 - By rolling up and pinning the e-mail you can quickly check the calendar underneath.
Screen Shot 2 - It is so convenient to work with application when it is maximized!
Screen Shot 3 - You can automatically minimize any window to the screen edge.
Screen Shot 4 - With the e-mail pinned on top, you can drag and drop information all day without actively switching windows.
Screen Shot 5 - A transparent Tablet PC Input Panel lets you read what's underneath as you write.
Screen Shot 6 - Excel worksheet with transparency effect. Looks nice, right?
Screen Shot 7 - You can define a level of transparency without any problem simply using an enlarged system menu.
Screen Shot 8 - The 'Stay on Top' features helps you place the selected window on top of other ones, so that it is always accessible and are not hidden by other windows.