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Actual Window Manager Features

Actual Window Manager has a lot more smart uses that we leave for you to discover. The following list of its full functionality may give you a certain insight of what benefits you can expect from the program:

Full Windows integration! Just click the right mouse button at the window top to change window settings.

A short, functional menu will help you.

Individual settings for every window

You can easily choose your options for every window and save them. Besides, Actual Window Manager is equipped with more than 20 settings for the most popular applications: MS Outlook, Internet Explorer, MS Word (Excel), WinZip, Winamp etc.

If you often use such folders as My Computer, My Documents, My Network Places etc., if you want to open them where you indicate, our program Actual Window Manager is made for you. You can set a position and a size of any folder's window. Like a genie, Actual Window Manager will remember your wish and carry out it properly. Now when you click My Computer or My Documents you'll be sure where exactly the window will appear.

Transparency effect

Transparency effect is very convenient when you work with different windows. While typing something in MS Word, you need for example, to follow information in internet browser.

Besides, usage of transparency effect adds some new charm to routine operations.

If you want to know more about usage of Transparency effect, you may read the article Transparency Effect: Theory and Practice.

Minimize applications to tray or to the screen edge

Minimizing to a small icon in the system tray/on the screen edge, deactivated window minimization, right-click context menu.

Minimizing applications to a small icon in the system tray lets you save the taskbar space while providing access to minimized applications via the system tray icons. If you often open several windows simultaneously and keep an eye on the refreshment of information on them, you can also minimize them to tray, to avoid closing them by mistake. And when this information is required again, you can open this window and see what has changed. If you are interested in the latest news or wait for an answer in forum or eager to know the refreshment of quotations of rate, Actual Window Manager will not let you miss anything.

You may find more information about this useful feature of Actual Window Manager in the article 7 Ways to Minimize to Tray application windows with Actual Window Minimizer

Stay on Top

The Stay on Top feature helps you place the selected window on top of the others, so that it is always accessible and are not hidden by other windows.

With the e-mail pinned on top, you can drag-and-drop all day without actively switching windows. This feature is extremely useful when you drag-and-drop some information from E-mail to your contacts or content in MS Word.

Roll-Up/Unroll windows

Roll-Up/Unroll, manual, automatic and mix controls. If you often write letters or articles based on some information from the Internet, the Roll up function will be convenient.

By rolling up and pinning the e-mail you can quickly check information underneath.

The document can be reduced so only the title bar will be visible. You can look through or check the data in the web and then restore the text of the letter by clicking on the Unroll button;

Window menu expansion with such options as set priority, roll up/unroll, set transparency, minimize to task tray and stay-on-top;

Extended window manipulating capabilities by means of adding new buttons to a window caption.

Hotkeys support:

Now you can minimize programs to the system tray, always keep them on top, roll up windows, make them semitransparent, etc. by means only one keystroke combination.

Multilingual support of English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Catalan, Turkish and Polish;

Flexible pricing policy and considerable discounts;

Quick support is always available. Any questions, suggestions and requests will be considered and you will get a high-quality feedback in the shortest possible time. You may e-mail us to ask any question or make a request concerning our software